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I was born in Iwagakure, to a nice and happy family, un. From the beginning, I would have been recognized as a female, and get really pissed about that. I AM NOT A GIRL, UN! When I was about five, my daddy captured two villagers and put their mouths on my hands (don't ask me how he'd done it, un!). That day, he'd taught me how to make bombs out of clay, un. That day, my utter pyromaniacy started. Nobody EVER mistook me for a girl since that incident. When I grew up, I bombed my village and went traveling. In my journey, I set some villages on fire, until I found two people in black cloaks by one of them (I envied these immediately, un!). As it was, I went up to these people, un, and asked them the most proper question at the moment. WTF!? They said that they are from teh Akatsuki, and if I join, I'd get a black spiffy cloak of doom, a teddy bear, and free apple pie. Of course I joined, un! So here I am, traveling all over the land in a spiffy black cloak, with Neddi, my teddy bear, and enjoying my free apple pie. Wanna join, un?